Past Regional and International Champions



River City Sound - Champion


Melodeers - Champion


River City Sound - Champion


Melodeers - Champion
Choral-Aires - Wildcard

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2015 River City Sound Epix Melodeers Chorus,
Jim Arns, Master Director 700
2014 Choral-Aires - Champion
Crosstown Harmony - Wildcard
ROXY - Champion
Epix - Wildcard
PipeDreams  - Wildcard
2013 Melodeers
River City Sound  (Region 22)
PipeDreams Quartet
Epix Quartet (Region 22)
2012 Choral-Aires Hi-Fi Melodeers Chorus,
Jim Arns, Master Director 700
Martini Quartet
Corinna Garriock, Michelle Shoemaker, DeAnn Haugen (Reg 3), Shannon Harris
2011 Midwest Crossroad ROXY - Champion
IMPACT!! - Wildcard
Chi-Town Sound - Wildcard
PipeDreams - Wildcard
2010 Melodeers
Choral-Aires - Wildcard
2009 Grand Rapids Jukebox Melodeers Chorus,
Jim Arns, Master Director
2008 Choral-Aires Chi-Town Sound   Four Bettys Quartet
Joan Boutilier, Lynda Mears-Keever, Heather Brooks, Cori Albrecht
2007 Melodeers Priorities
Head Over Heels -Wildcard
2006 Choral-Aires Jukebox    
2005 Melodeers Jukebox    
2004 Choral-Aires Four Bettys Melodeers Chorus,
Jim Arns, Master Director
2003 Prairie Echoes Head Over Heel    
2002 Melodeers
Choral-Aires - Wildcard
Taylor Street Union Prairie Echoes Chorus,
Sue Pippel, Master Director
Harmony Classic Division A
2001 Grand Rapids Taylor Street Union Melodeers Chorus,
Jim Arns, Master Director
2000 Choral-Aires Harmony Street Prairie Echoes Chorus,
Sue Pippel, Master Director
Harmony Classic Division A
1999 Melodeers Harmony Street
Surround Sound - Wildcard
Rhythm Station - Wildcard
1998 Midwest Crossroad Alliance
Rhythm Station - Wildcard
Melodeers Chorus,
Jim Arns, Master Director
1997 Choral-Aires Rhythm Station    
1996 Melodeers The Tonight Show   Weekend Edition Quartet
Penny Mensik (Reg 3), Susan Nussbaum, Donna Kleinschmidt, Nancy Shumard
1995 Midwest Crossroad Midnight Magic Melodeers Chorus,
Jim Arns, Master Director
Chicago Fire Quartet
Amy Brinkman, Dani Avalos, Bon Pressley, Bonnie Fedyski
1994 Choral-Aires Midnight Magic    
1993 Melodeers Legacy    
1992 Choral-Aires Second City Rhythm
Legacy - Wildcard
Tanaz - Wildcard
1991 Melodeers Stardust    
1990 Grand Rapids Stardust
Chicago Fire - Wildcard
1989 Midwest Crossroad Chicago Fire    
1988 Melodeers Stardust    
1987 Choral-Aires Opening Night    
1986 Melodeers Cross-Town Celebration    
1985 Choral-Aires Grand Tradition   Jubilation Quartet
Sharon Sambrooks Alterman, Carol Ann Bagley, Karen Drummond Breidert, Patricia Rotunno
1984 Melodeers      
1983 Calumet Corner     Melo-Edge Quartet
Donna Bates, Maureen Pladis Brzinski, Debra Morgan Peters, Janell Lynch
1982 Choral-Aires Jubilation    
1981 Melodeers Quartet    
1980 Country Chords Melo-Edge    
1979 Melodeers Midnight Music Company    
1978 Calumet Corner Stereo Sound    
1977 Melodeers Lakeside Jubilee    
1976 Calumet Corner Bright Sunday    
1973       Tiffanys Quartet
Jane Walker Coleman, Joan Melling, Dale Syverson, Louise Manicki Masla


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