Midwest Harmony Region 3 Convention and Competition, 2022 - May 21, 2022

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May 21 2022 - 9:00am to 6:00pm
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A brief message about this years Convention:

Recently the Regional Management Team (RMT) was tasked with evaluating between an in-person competition and a video competition for the 2022 Regional Convention.  The safety of our membership is most important. 

Our team consulted the chorus leaders to understand the needs and wants of our membership in regards to a competition.  Armed with this data, the RMT formulated a competition plan.  This plan was sent to the chorus leaders.  Many questions and discussions ensued.  We are deeply grateful for all the work the chorus leaders provided.  The RMT could not have made this decision without their dedication.  

Our final issue revolved around the anticipated number of attendees.  Many chorus leaders expressed their concern with committing their members to a spring competition now given the ever changing impact of COVID-19.  Lower attendance results in increased costs per member.

After carefully reviewing all the data and chorus leader input, the RMT has decided to select the video competition in May 2022.  This choice will provide the opportunity to compete in a safe and inclusive environment for all.

Our competitors will be adjudicated over our original weekend (May 12-15, 2022).  The RMT and the Convention Team are working on a virtual convention. 


May 21, 2022

The awards will be announced at the end of each competition. 

More details to come.

We look forward to when we can all be safely together.  Happy Holidays!  Here’s to a prosperous 2022!!


Your Regional Management Team

Linda Gross, Communications Coordinator
Lora Wright, Directors’ Coordinator
Carol Thompson, Education Coordinator
Cindy Slowik, Events Coordinator
Shelly Hughes, Finance Coordinator
Toni Mitt, Marketing Coordinator
Deb Batchelor, Membership Coordinator
Becky McDuffee, Team Coordinator

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Judging panel for Region 3's 2022 Competition

Sound - Dale Syverson
Music - Jan Meyer
Expression - Annette Wallace
Visual Communication & Panel Chair - Diane Porsch
Panel Secretary - Kelli Hinton
Important dates:
Videos due May 9th
Virtual Convention May 21st - results announced 
More competition information will be posted as soon as possible.

Suggested Video Tools

 These equipment pieces below are not required.  This is just in case any Chorus or Quartet is thinking of investigating this type of equipment. The current technology on most cell phones and tablets is amazing, and recording in a brightly lit room will work very well.  Please feel free to experiment so you can produce a video that makes it easy for the judging panel to see and hear everyone! 

Tablet or Phone mounts



LED lights do not give off any heat, so are very good for this situation.  Ideally, three bright lights pointed at the chorus would illuminate faces – one in the middle, and one on either side.  They do NOT have to be this elaborate, nor is there a specific brightness required for these videos,  but they do need to be shining at face height to avoid shadows.  Check with your members and see if they have work lights at home that could be used. 

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Mission Statement

Midwest Harmony Region 3 of Sweet Adelines International is dedicated to the advancement of four-part harmony, barbershop-style, for women of all ages, through education and performance.